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     I actually called TufnellParkCarpetCleaners to get some advice on rug cleaning, and they came round to see the problem and answer my question. Then they offered to do it for me, and when I saw what they could do I was amazed. I'd definitely use them again for sure.
Terrance Huffman19/05/2020
     [COMPANY NAME] is the best cleaning company that I have used. The cleaners knew what they were doing, and were very polite. Highly recommend to anyone!
Anastasia A.19/09/2019
     I've trusted this cleaning company for as long as I can remember. Tufnell Park Carpet Cleaning Services and their team really are adept at handling an array of cleaning tasks, and always complete everything to an extremely high standard. I put my trust in them, and others should do so too.
Justin B.22/08/2017
     I recently moved into a new house and before I left the old one, I thought it was imperative to have a clean done. I had no strength or will to do it myself so hiring a cleaner was perfect. The cleaner from Carpet Cleaning Tufnell Park was punctual, reliable and professional! Will use again and recommend!
Neville B.01/12/2015
     Struggling to recall a time when my house has been quite this clean. That's the effect which TufnellParkCarpetCleaners have had, being able to come in, do their stuff and be gone in what seems like no time at all. They've been efficient and effective in the best possible way and cost effective too. Paid far less than I was expecting. For all of the cleaning I need done in the home on a semi-regular basis, they've been absolutely ideal. Very highly recommended.
Tim Dunn07/01/2015
     I was in the market for a great house cleaning company for ages when I heard of TufnellParkCarpetCleaners. For me one non-negotiable factor is that of experience. Whether a cleaning crew has years to its name or a lot of projects in a short while, it is important that they know the ropes. That's why I don't trust any other cleaning contractors and highly recommend this cleaning agency to all my friends and family. If an impressive number of successful projects is what you are looking for, this company cannot be beat.
Nicola A.19/09/2014
     I was so impressed with the carpet clean service I have just had done in my home. They had looked so drab with a combination of small children and a dog. So I thought it best I have them cleaned not only for the sake of appearance I wanted them to be a little less unhygienic! Carpets get a lot of dirt and bacteria build up and I wanted to revive them up with a specialist service. The company I used was wonderful. TufnellParkCarpetCleaners used environmentally friendly products so there would be no harmful odours left after the process. The work they did was fantastic and the carpets look so clean.
Caterina Freer24/07/2014
     It's my job to keep the house clean but over recent months I became busy with other chores and so the chore fell by the wayside. Feeling that is was my responsibility to tackle it though, I called TufnellParkCarpetCleaners for help. They assured me by listing their services and was impressed with what they offered. I hired their cleaners to come on recurring basis and never looked back. Their staff saw to every chore, from vacuuming to eliminating stains, each time performing a thorough job. The house is now always clean and I have time to see to other things, all thanks to them.
Margaret D.20/06/2014
     I was a busy working Mum and just didn't have enough time to do the housework, so made the choice to Hire some help. I contacted a company my sister had told me about. TufnellParkCarpetCleaners were great from my first contact. The office staff was helpful and explained the different packages available and the costs, and how to pay. I booked a home clean service, where the house would be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. The cleaners arrived on schedule with their equipment and began the clean up job. They worked extremely hard and the results were fantastic. Thanks.
Nigella Edmonds26/05/2014
     Brilliant, you can definitely trust TufnellParkCarpetCleaners they have been cleaning our family home for a few months now and have improved all of our lives considerably. The difference that it makes to walk into my home after a long, hard slog of a day at work and know that all of the jobs around the home have been finished, everything smells clean and looks tidy and fresh- it is a real blessing to have these cleaners available. I simply cannot believe that they are available at this price because now that I have more free time and a nicer house to live in I am immeasurably happier as a person. Small things make a difference. Great team.
     As a professional, successful business woman juggling a family and an international business, I rarely have time to clean the house. But then again, I absolutely detest living in a filthy house. The solution to this was TufnellParkCarpetCleaners. They come in on a regular basis and clean my home from A to Z. The best thing is that I can pick and choose when to have my home cleaned whilst not having to worry about doing it myself. I wouldn't ask anyone else to clean my home, since these cleaners are friendly, hardworking and gentle on my wallet too!
Melina Dixon27/03/2014
     TufnellParkCarpetCleaners are one of the best and most professional cleaning companies that I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with! I needed a thorough clean for my house but I wasn't looking for a regular service, yet the company were more than willing to provide for me! I got my entire home cleaned until it was in an immaculate condition, and I was incredibly impressed and pleased with what was such an inexpensive service! Now I hire a cleaner from this company every few weeks to give my home an once-over, and I'm definitely seeing a massive improvement to my cleaning routine! Thanks!
     Most of my friends and family think I am a bit weird when I go on and on about TufnellParkCarpetCleaners and the great service they provide. That is until they come to my house and see just how spotless it is! Honestly, I have a cleaner visit at the same time each week. She spends a maximum of two hours going about her work and by the time she is finished the place has been transformed. It puts a smile on my face every single week. It also makes me realise how long it would take for me to achieve the same level of finish. Just take my work for it, these guys are good.
Lesley Abel30/01/2014

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